AWI Projects

Photo by Martin Ujlaki, available under a Creative Commons Licence.

Throughout its history, the Alberta Women’s Institutes (AWI) has engaged in a number of projects to establish social infrastructure, as well as to respond to catastrophic, or on-going, social needs.

The Women’s Institutes seldom required that its name be placed on signs identifying this infrastructure; so many Albertans are unaware of the debt they owe to the AWI.

A partial list of these accomplishments is available here.

Types of Projects


Over the last century, the AWI branches developed an efficient fund-raising network that could be actualized on short notice.

AWI branches and provincial executives have provided thousands of dollars, food, clothing, and household objects for Alberta families, Canadian soldiers, prisoners of war, homeless victims of the following conflict and natural disasters:

In addition, to responding to war and disaster, the AWI has taken on several causes over long periods of time; principally that of farm safety and the Cancer Fund.

Branch-led projects at Thorhild AWI

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