Alberta Women’s Institute (AWI) has a large collection of memorabilia or collectibles. These objects, which are related to the ritual life of the organization, fall into five categories:

  • China - tea cups and saucers, teapots, cream and sugar sets, mugs, salt and pepper shakers, candy dishes, and special anniversary plates.
  • Paper products - napkins, note pads, writing paper, pens and pencils and boxed card sets
  • Jewellery - rings, lapel pins, years-of-service pins and life membership pins
  • Cloth items  - tea towels, tee-shirts and tote bags
  • Other items  - silver and silver plate teaspoons, measuring tapes, glass vases or other items


They have two main purposes: to recognize speakers, or members who have served at AWI events; to raise money at conferences and throughout the year.

The June 1949 issue of Home and Country contains a list of collectibles, with the cost of each item, under the caption “You May Buy.”  Today, in some issues of Home and Country, a collectibles list still appears, reminding members to purchase items from the provincial office.

Alberta Women’s Institutes Collectibles

The Tartans
During the 1980s, Alberta Women’s Institutes (AWI) adopted the provincial tartan.  Many of the organization’s members purchased or made clothing displaying this tartan, wearing them to AWI functions, or to events where AWI was acting in an official capacity.

Tartan Example