AWI Awards - Internal

Cornelia Wood Scholarship
Alberta Women’s Institutes was the recipient of $4,000 from the Estate of Cornelia R. Wood. [ link to her page] The revenue from this investment funds a scholarship that is awarded annually to an AWI member who wishes to further her education or qualifications in ways that will benefit herself, the community, and the Alberta Women’s Institutes.   

Sophie Miles Award
The Sophie Miles award was made by Margaret Hanlan in honour of her mother.  Mrs. Miles lived at Innisfree, Alberta.  The award goes to one new member annually.  The funds go toward convention registration, room and board.

Edna May Ridley Quilting Award
Edna May Ridley was an active member and the first president of the Kinniburgh Women’s Institute near Taber, Alberta.  She received a life membership in the Alberta Women’s Institute in 1959.  A plaque is awarded annually to the person’s whose quilt is judged the best in section “D” of the AWI handicraft list.

Myrtle Olson Roberts Heyer Doily Award
Myrtle Olsen Roberts Heyer was president of the Horse Shoe Canyon Women’s Institute and president of the Alberta Women’s Institute between 1961 and 1965.  She received a life membership in Alberta Women’s Institute in 1959. A plaque is awarded to the member whose doily placed first for tatting, crocheting or knitting.  The winner of the award has her name engraved on a plaque that is kept in the provincial office of the AWI.

Mrs. Alfred Watt Memorial Fund
Following the success of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, each provincial women’s institute organization received approximately $20,000.  Proceeds from these funds were to be used to pay expenses as follows:


(Source:  Policy and Procedures Manual 2000.)