Home & Country Newsletter

Home & Country is the quarterly newsletter of the Alberta Women's Institutes (AWI). Published continuously since 1936, the newsletter takes its name from the AWI motto: "For Home and Country."

The purpose of Home & Country is to share information with members throughout the province about the work of the organization. The newsletter focuses on the present, containing letters from members, articles from the president and her council, notices of meetings, branch celebrations and anniversaries. Although Home & Country includes obituaries of members, they are generally perfunctory, leaving lengthy celebrations of the lives of its members to the Life Membership books and the Books of Remembrance.

The first Home & Country newsletter was published in October 1936 and continued until 1938. It was discontinued during the early part of the Second World War, but resumed in 1941 at the request of the conference delegates that year. It has been published continuously since then. The format and content of the newsletter have changed very little since its inception.

Copies of the publications are located in the Provincial Archives of Alberta, Alberta Women's Institutes Fonds, 2000.0949/items 156-159.

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