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The following is a list of rural histories that were in the collection of the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 2008. Many of these rural histories were
the projects of Women’s Institutes branches.

You will note that many of these histories have no author, publication place, or publication date. We have included all the citation information the histories contain. In some instances, we have made an educated guess at date of publication; these are indicated in square brackets at the end of the citation.

80 Years of Progress. Westlock AB: Westlock History Book Club, 1984.
A Century of Memories: Okotoks and District1883 – 1983. Okotoks, AB: Okotoks and District Historical Society, 1983.

A Century of Progress: An Historical Study of the Waskatenau, Smoky Lake, Warspite, Bellis, Vilna and Spedden School Communities. The County of Smoky Lake No. 13, [1967].

A History of Boyle and Districts. Boyle, AB: Boyle and District Historical Society, 1982.

A New Beginning: Irvine and District. Irvine, AB: 20 Mile Post Historical Society, 1989.

Alcorn, Phyllis, ed. In the Bend of the Battle: A History of Alliance and District. Alliance, AB, 1976.

Along the Fifth: A History of Stony Plain and District. Stony Plain, AB: Stony Plain and District Historical Society, 1982.

Along the Fireguard Trail: Lyalta-Ardenode-Dalroy Districts. Lyalta, AB: Lyalta, Ardenode, Dalroy Historical Society, 1979.

Always a River to Cross. Bear Canyon, AB: Silver and Gold History Committee, 1981.

Anderson, R.F. Pioneer Legacy: Memories of Yesteryear and Today and Tomorrow of Bowden and Districts. Bowden, AB: Inter-Collegiate Press, 1979.

As the Wheel Turns: A History of Merna and District. Ed. B. Pottage. Sedgewick, AB: Community Press, 1971.

Back Over the Trail: A History of the Huxley Area. Huxley, AB: Acadia Women’s Institute, [1967].

Bancroft WI. The Heritage of Bancroft. Bancroft WI, n.d.

Barnwell History. Barnwell Relief Society, 1952.

Between River and Lake. Warspite Victoria Trail Historical Society, n.d.

Beyond our Prairie Trail.Vol. 1. Carstairs, AB: Carstairs History Book Committee, 1995.

Brick’s Hill: Berwyn and Beyond. Berwyn, AB: Berwyn Centennial Committee, 1968.

Bridging the Years: A History of Eastbank, Windfield, Hattonford and East Mahaska. Hattonford History Book Committee, 1982.

Bridging the Years: Carmangay and District. Lethbridge, AB: Southern Printing Company Limited, 1968.

Bucking Poles & Butter Churns. Didsbury, AB: North Lone Pine Women’s Institute, 1972.

Building and Working Together: A Study of the Thorhild Area. Vol. 1.  Thorhild, AB: Thorhild and District History Book Committee. 1985.

Buried Treasures. Elnora, AB: Elnora History Committee, n.d.

Busby’s Busy Years: 75th Anniversary Edition. Busby, AB: Busby History Book Committee, 1989.

Calahoo Trails. Ed. K. Dalheim and M. Kerr. n.d.

Campbell, Alice A. Milk River Country. Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Herald Job Printing Dept., 1959.

Campbell, Isabel M. Grande Prairie: Capital of the Peace, 1968.

Carleton, Judy, A. Blackfalds Recollections. Blackfalds, AB: Judy A. Carleton, 2003.

Carrot Creek Remembers: A History of Carrot Creek, Sparta and Kiehlbauch Areas. Carrot Creek, AB: The Carrot Creek Historical Society, 1985.

Chepi Sepe: Spirit River – The Land – The People. Spirit River, AB: Spirit River History Book Committee, 1989.

Clark, Edith. Trails of Tail Creek Country. n.d.

Cleverville–Champion: 1905–1970. Champion, AB: Champion History Committee, n.d.

Coaldale: Gem of the West 1900 – 1983. Coaldale, AB: Coaldale Historical Society, 1983.

Collier, Herbert B. Remember When? History of the Viking District. [1937].

Community History. Wetaskiwin, AB: The Angus Ridge Women’s Institute, n.d.

Conquerville: A Growing Community. Conquerville, AB: Conquerville Women’s Institute, [1963].

Cotter, Nellie and Myrtle Sargent, eds. Trails to Mannville and Districts. Mannville and District Old-timers’ Society, 1983.

Coyote Flats: 50 Years of Progress 1925-1975 Vol. II. Lethbridge, AB: Coyote Flats Historical Society, 1976.

Coyote Flats: Historical Review 1905 – 1965. Lethbridge, AB: Coyote Flats Historical Society, 1976.

Crestomere Sylvan Heights Heritage. Crestomere-Sylvan Heights Book Committee, 1969.

Davidson, Vi & Ava Stephenson, eds. Spirit and Trails of Lac Ste. Anne. Alberta Beach, AB: The Alberta Beach Pioneers-Archives Society, 1982.

Decades of the Independence District. Independence Women’s Institute, 1981.

Derbytown Echoes. Youngstown, AB: Derbytown Book Club, 1975.

Douglas, Arlene et al., comps. Images: Didsbury and District 1880’s–1990’s. n.d.

Down Cereal’s Memory Trails. Vol II. Cereal Women’s Institute, n.d.

Down Cereal’s Memory Trails: 1910 – 1967. Vol. I. Cereal Women’s Institute. n.d. [c. 1967]

Down Memory Lane in Colchester, 1980.

Down Memory Lane: A History of Irma and District. Irma and District Historical Society, 1985.

Dreams, Dust and Dedication. Bindloss History Book Committee, [1986].

Echoes of Marwayne Area. N.p.: Meridian Printing Ltd., 1979.

Edmonton South Saga. Edmonton, AB: South Edmonton Papaschase Historical Society, 1984.

Esther Community History. Esther, AB: Rush Centre Women’s Institute, n.d.

Etzikom: Prairie & People. Etzikom, AB: Etzikom Historical Society, 1990.

Faded Trails: Grassy Lake – Purple Springs. Grassy Lake & Purple Springs Historical Society, 1981.

Foley Trail: A History of Entwistle, Evansburg and the Surrounding Districts. Vol. I. 1984.

Foothills Echoes. Millarville, AB: Millarville Historical Society, 1979.

For Devon’s Sake: A History of the Town of Devon. Devon, AB: The Devon Local History Committee, 1982.

Fort Macleod – Our Colourful Past II: A History of Fort MacLeod and District 1925 to 1989.  Fort MacLeod, AB: Fort MacLeod History Book Committee, 1990.

Freeway West. Falun, AB: The Falun Historical Society, 1973.

From Danaview to Standard. Standard, AB: Standard Historical Book Society, 1979.

From Footprints to Highways: Leslieville and Districts Commemorate Alberta’s Seventy-Fifth Anniversary. Vol. I. Leslieville, AB: Leslieville and Districts Historical Society, 1980.

From out of the Wilderness: A History of Baptiste Lake, Deep Coulee, Forfar, Forfar East, Forfar West, Fraternity, Grosmont, Lahaieville, Larvert, South Athabaska, West Athabasca and Winding Trail School Districts. Athabasca, AB: The Eight Horizons Historical Society, 1986.

From Sandstone to Settlers: Writing on Stone District History 1900 – 1983. Milk River, AB: Masinasin Historical Society and Masinasin New Horizon’s Society, 1978.

From Tank 77 to Taber Today: A History of Taber, its District and its People. Taber, AB: Taber Historical Committee, 1977.

Furrows of Time: Arrowwood & Shouldice, Mossleigh & Farrow 1883–1982. Arrowwood-Mossleigh Historical Society, 1982.

Gladys-Dinton Through the Years: Volume 1 1883-1964 – Volume 2 1965-1990. Blackie, AB: Gladys-Dinton History Book Committee, 1991.

Glimpses of the Past: 1894 – 1994. Bowden, AB: Hainstock Centennial History Book Association, 1994.

Golden Memoirs: 1912-1963. Medicine Hat, AB: Val Marshall Printings Ltd., 1964.

Golden Memories: Warburg and District. Warburg, AB: Warburg and District Historical Society, 1977.

Grub-Axe to Grain… Spruce View, AB: Spruce View School Area Historical Society, 1973.

Hameister, Lois et al., eds. Beautiful Fields. Bashaw, AB: Bashaw History Committee, 1974.

Hanna North. Ed. Jean James. Hanna North Book Club, 1978.

Harvest of Memories. Majestic–Farrell Lake Women’s Institute, 1968.

Heritage of the High Country: A History of Del Bonita and Surrounding Districts. Del Bonita, AB: Del Bonita Historical Society, 1981.

Hills of Hope. Rev. ed. Spruce Grove, AB: Carvel Unifarm, 1976.

Hills of Hope: The Next Generation 1940 – 2000.  Vol. 1. Carvel, AB: Hills of Hope Historical Society, 2002.

History of Lomond and District, 1966.

Homesteads and Happiness. Eckville, AB: Eckville and District Historical Society, 1979.

Hoofprints and Homesteading: A History of Kinsella and Area.Kinsella, AB: Kinsella History Book Committee, 1983.

Hurry to Bruce: A History of Bruce and Area. Bruce, AB: Bruce History Book, 1988.

In Retrospect 1967.Winnipeg, MN: Inter-Collegiate Press, Ltd., n.d.

In the Light of the Flares: History of Turner Valley Oilfields. Turner Valley, AB: Sheep River Historical Society, 1979.

Jardine, Rose and Harriet Austen, eds. Many Trails Crossed Here: A Story of Oyen Alberta and the Surrounding Districts. Oyen and District Historical Society, n.d.

Jarvin, Sheila, ed. Reflections of Sylvan Lake. Sylvan Lake, AB: Sylvan Lake Historical Society, 1984.

Lacombe: The First Century. Lacombe, AB: The Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce, 1982.

Lake Saskatoon Reflections: A Local History of the Saskatoon District.Sexsmith, AB: Lake Saskatoon History Book Committee, 1980.

Land of Hope and Dreams: A History of Grimshaw and Districts. Grimshaw, AB: Grimshaw and District Historical Society, 1980.

Langdon Through the Years: A Story of Langdon & Area 1880–1987. Red Deer, AB: Langdon History Book Committee, 1987.

Leaves of Yesteryear: Histories of the Bon Accord District. Bon Accord, AB: Bon Accord F.W.U. A. (Local 502), n.d.

Leduc Reflections: 1899 – 1981.Leduc, AB: Lynard Publishers Ltd., 1981.

Lengthening Shadows of the Neutrals. Brownfield, AB: New Dawn Seniors Club, 1979.

Leonard, David W. The Grande Prairie of the Great Northland: The Evolution of a Country 1805 – 1951. Grande Prairie, AB: County of Grande Prairie, 2005.

Lewis, Diane et al. comps. and eds. Through the Years: the History of Ardley, Delburne, Lousana and Districts. Delburne, AB: History Book Committee Anthony Henday Historical Society, 1980.

Lewisville Pioneers. Malmo Women’s Institute, n.d.

Links of Memory: A History of Harmattan-Westward Ho. Olds, AB: Harmattan-Westward Ho Historical Society, 1983.

Little Red Deer History Book: 1896 – 1996. Innisfail, AB: Brenda (Puddifant) Sawyer of BJS Technical Services, 1996.

Long Shadows: A History of Shortgrass Country. Bow Island, AB: Commentator Publishing Company Limited, 1974.

Lunan, Esther, ed.  As the Roots Grow: The History of Spruce Grove and District. Inter-Collegiate Press Ltd., [1979].

Lure of the Homestead. Ohaton, AB: Ohaton Community Book Club, 1977.

MacLean, Hec, ed. Waterhole and the Land North of the Peace. Fairview, AB: Waterhole Old Timers Association, 1970.

McDonald, Don et al., eds. The Days Before Yesterday: History of Rocky Mountain House District. Rocky Mountain House, AB: Rocky Mountain House Reunion Historical Society, 1979.

Memories – Yours and Mine: A History of Beveridge Lake, East View, Garrett, Hesketh, Humbolt, Kirby, Lenox, Marne, Webbs School Districts. Hesketh, AB: Hesketh Pope Lease Historical Society, 1972.

Memories and Milestones 1905 – 2005: Amisk-Hughenden-Rosyth - A History. Hughenden, AB: Amisk Hughenden Historical Society, 2006.

Memories of Cluny: A Story of Cluny and the Surrounding Districts. Cluny, AB: The Cluny & District Historical Society, 1985.

Memories of Pibroch, Sunniebend, Linaria and Shoal Creek: 1900 – 1984. Sunniebend Historical Society, 1985.

Memories of Samis and Nearby Districts. Didsbury, AB: The Samis History Book Committee, 1985.

Memories Past to Present: A History of Beaver Crossing and Surrounding District. Cherry Grove, AB: Cherry Grove History Committee, 1981.

Memories: New Dayton and District 1900 – 1978. The New Dayton History Book Committee, n. d.

Memory Trails of Winterburn. Winterburn, AB: Winterburn Women’s Institute, [1978].

Miles to Minburn: A History of Minburn and Surrounding Areas. Minburn, AB: Minburn Golden Age Society, 1980.

Mingling Memories. Red Deer, AB: Red Deer East Historical Society, 1979.

Munson and District.Munson, AB: Munson Centennial Book Committee, 1967.

Nicholson, Harold. Fairview: Heart of Gold: 1928 – 1978, 1978.

Olds: A History of Olds and Area. Olds, AB: Olds History Committee, 1980.

Our Foothills. Calgary, AB: Millarville, Kew, Priddis and Bragg Historical Society, 1975.

Our Huxley Heritage. Huxley, AB: Huxley and District History Book Committee, 1983.

Our People in a Land of Green and Gold: History of Barnwell and Cranford 1885–1985. Barnwell, AB: Barnwell-Cranford History Book Committee, 1985.

Our Priceless Heritage – History of Alhambra, Arbutus, Beaver Flat, Bingley, Horseguard, Oras, Sleepy Valley and Taimi. Alhambra, AB: Alhambra & District Reunion & Historical Society, 1980

Packhorse to Pavement. Buck Lake, AB: Buck Lake History, 1981.

Peace River Remembers: Peace River, Alberta and Adjacent Districts. Peace River, AB: Sir Alexander Mackenzie Historical Society, 1984.

Pioneer Pathways: Rural Wetaskiwin. Wetaskiwin, AB: Wetaskiwin-Circle 8 Historical Society, 1981.

Pioneer Round-Up: A History of Albright, Demmit, Goodfare, Hythe, Lymbum, Valhalla.  Hythe, AB: Pioneer History Society of Hythe and Area, 1989.

Pioneers and Progress. Alix, AB: Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974.

Pioneers and Progress: Calmar and District. Calmar, AB: Calmar and District Historical Society, 1980.

Pottage, B., ed. As the Wheel Turns: A History of Merna and District. Sedgewick, AB: Community Press, 1971.

Prairie Rose Country.  Spondin and Area History Book Society, 1982.

Quinn, Jean, et al., eds. Sodbusters: A History of Kinuso and Swan River Settlement, n.d.

Ramblings, River, Roads, and Prose.Edson, AB: Trail Printing and Stationery Ltd., n.d.

Read, Tracey. Acres and Empires: A History of the Municipal District of Rocky View No. 44. Irricana, AB: Tall-Taylor Publishing Ltd. n.d.

Ream, Peter T. The Fort on the Saskatchewan. 2nd ed. Metropolitan Printing, 1974.

Reynolds, A. Bert. Siding 16: An Early History of Wetaskiwin to 1930. Wetaskiwin, AB: RCMP Centennial Committee, 1975.

Ridgewood Community: 1889 – 1967. Red Deer, AB: Fletcher Printing Co. Ltd., n.d.

Rivercourse Sewing Circle. Rivercourse: 1905 - 1967.  n.d.

Round Hill & District Salute the Pioneers. Round Hill, AB: Round Hill and District History Book Committee, 1983.

Sedgewick Sentinel: A History of Sedgewick and Surrounding Districts. Sedgewick, AB: Sedgewick Historical Society, 1982.

Sibbald Community History: 1908 – 1980. Sibbald, AB: Sibbald Community Club, 1980.

Sibbald Community History: 1910 to 1962. Sibbald, AB: Sibbald Women’s Institute, [1962].

Silver Sage: Bow Island 1900 – 1920. The Bow Island Lions Club, n.d.

So Soon Forgotten: A History of Glendon and Districts. Glendon, AB: Glendon Historical Society, 1985.

Sod Shacks and Wagon Tracks. Red Deer, AB: Big Pine Ridge Historical Society, 1987.

Sodbusting to Subdivision. De Winton, AB: De Winton & District Historical Society, 1978.

Souvenir Program: 50th Anniversary 1908 - 1958 Stony Plain, Alberta. n.d.

Still God’s Country: The Early History of Byemoor and Area. Byemoor, AB: Byemoor History Book Committee, 1975.

Stone, Pearl R. People and Places by Pearl. n.d.

Strathmore: the Village that Moved. Red Deer, AB: The Strathmore History Book Committee, 1986.

Taber: Yesterday and Today. Taber, AB: Taber Women’s Institute, [1952].

Tales and Trails of Millet. Vol. 2. Millet, AB: Millet and District Historical Society, 1978.

Tales and Trails of Millet. Vol. I. Millet, AB: Millet and District Historical Society, 1978.

Tales from Two Townships: The Story of Dalemead, Indus and Shepard. 1967.

Taming the Prairie Wool: A History of the Districts of Glendale, Westminster and Bearspaw West of Calgary. Glendale, AB: Glendale Women’s Institute, 1965.

The Best of Times: From Boom to Bust 1926 – 1932 -- A History of High River & District Volume Four. High River, AB: Century Books, 2003.

The Black Robe’s Vision: A History of St. Albert and District. [1985].

The Days Before Yesterday: History of Rocky Mountain House District. Rocky Mountain House, AB: Rocky Mountain House Reunion Historical Society, 1977.

The Delia Craigmyle Saga. Lethbridge, AB: Southern Printing Company Limited, 1970.

The Districts’ Diary – 95 Years of History of the Crossroads, Poplar Ridge, Norma and Durham Districts. Red Deer, AB: Poplar Ridge Historical Committee, 1981.

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The English Colony: Nightingale and District. Macleod Printing and Mailing Ltd., 1979.

The Golden Years. Barrhead, AB: Barrhead History Book Committee, 1978.

The Great Lone Land, 1962.

The Heritage of Bancroft. Bancroft WI, n.d.

The Hills of Home. Milk River, AB: Hills of Home Historical Committee, 1975.

The Hills of Home: Drumheller Valley. Drumheller, AB: Drumheller Valley History Association, 1973.

The History of Diamond City and Commerce. n.d.

The History of the Border Country of Coutts. Lethbridge, AB: Southern Printing Company Limited, [1965 or 66].

The Ladder of Time: A History of Breton and District. Breton, AB: Breton and District Historical Society, 1980.

The Lantern Years: Buffalo Park to Neutral Hills 1867 – 1967. Hughenden Women’s Institute, 1967.

The Little Village that Grew: A History of North Red Deer. Red Deer, AB: Advisor Graphics, 1987.

The Ukrainian Bloc in East Central Alberta. Vol. 4, n.d.

There’ll Always be an Islay. Ed. Allen Ronaghan, 1977.

Through the Years: A History of Innisfree and District. Innisfree, AB: Innisfree History Book Committee, 1986.

Through the Years: the History of Ardley, Delburne, Lousana and Districts. Delburne, AB: History Book Committee Anthony Henday Historical Society, 1980.

Times to Remember.  Acadia Valley, AB: Acadia Valley Community Club, 1981.

Tomahawk Trails. Tomahawk, AB: Tomahawk Trails Book Club and Silver Tops Club, 1974.

Trails to Highways. Vulcan, AB: Eastway Ladies’ Social Club, 1972.

Turnbull, Elizabeth and Jean Payne, eds. Pathfinders: A History of Onoway, Bilby, Brookdale, Glenford, Goldthorpe, Heatherdown, Hillcrest, Nakamun, Rich Valley, Speldhurst, Stettin, and Sturgeon River. Onoway, AB: Onoway Women’s Institute, 1978.

Turning the Page of Time: A History of Nampa and Districts 1800-1981.Nampa, AB: Inter-Collegiate Press, n.d.

Under the Chinook Arch: A History of Cayley and Surrounding Area. Cayley, AB: Cayley Women’s Institute, 1967.

Verdant Valleys: In and Around Lougheed. Lougheed, AB: Lougheed Women’s Institute, 1972.

Viking in Progress: A Book of a Lifetime Vol. II. Viking, AB: Viking History Book Committee, 1991.

Wagon Trails Plowed Under: A History of Eagle Valley, Sundre East, and Sangro. Sundre, AB: Eagle Valley Book Club, 1977.

Walsh and District Pioneers. Walsh, AB: Walsh & District History Book Committee, 1977.

Wandering River History: The Past is What Made Today. Wandering River, AB: Wandering River Women’s Institute, 1983.

Warner Pioneers 1900–1921. Lethbridge, AB: The Lethbridge Herald Job Dept., 1962.

We Came and We Stayed: History of Bawlf, Alberta & District. Camrose, AB: Gospel Contact Press, 1980.

Wheat Country II: A History of Vulcan and District. Vulcan, AB: Vulcan and District Historical Society, 1988.

Wheat Country: A History of Vulcan and District. Vulcan, AB: Vulcan and District Historical Society, 1973.

Wheat Heart of the West: A History of Barons and District. Barons, AB: Barons History Book Club, 1972.

Where Water Flows: Vauxhall. Vauxhall, AB: The Vauxhall and Districts Book Committee, 1969.

Wilk, Stephen. One Day’s Journey. Calgary, AB: Alcraft Printing Limited, 1963.

Wind, Willows and Prairie-Wool. Naco FWCA. [1967].

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Youngstown and District Pioneers. Youngstown, AB: The Youngstown Women’s Institute, 1962.

Youngstown Memories Across the Years: 1909 – 1983. Medicine Hat, AB: Youngstown and District Historical Society, 1984.

Zella Remembers: From Oil Lamps to Oil Wells.  Didsbury, AB: Zella Women’s Institute, [1969].